Monday, July 28, 2014


It was James Peirson and Robert Peirson who where the "Plantiff(s)" against Edward Jones.  The location is listed as "Sedbergh", and the "Bundle" is 102 with the "No." being 31.  The dates of the records are 1558 - 1579.

This record seems to be the only legal case of the JONES surname during the period of study 1327 - 1700.  Not many with the surname JONES in the north counties. {see last post for those with no one recorded with the surname JONES}

Anyone out there know about "Sedbergh"?  Please post a comment...:-).

Monday, July 21, 2014

Zero For JONES

A series of volumes indexing and listing the holdings of the public records office in England can be found. [Great Britain Public Records Office, List and Indexes, New York, Kraus Reprint Corporation, 1966.]  The lists and indexes were abstracted for the surname JONES as part of my tree climbing experiences.  They have served as the documents pertaining to the dates and distribution of the JONES surname in England and Wales given in the posts surrounding this discussion. 

From 1327 to 1714 there are four counties in England that have ZERO with the surname JONES!  These are shown below.

Derby, Durham, Nottingham, and the Isle of Wight are these counties.  Over the years I have suspected that the first three (northern counties) situations are due to the impact of Danish occupation, and "Dane Law".  The Saxons and Danes spent a lot of time struggling to control the legal activities of these counties.  I do not have a good rational for the Isle of Wight.   Not sure why there are no JONES in the legal system, but they must have been of good behavior...:-).  There certainly must be other factors that have a role in this phenomena since every other county in Albion has a JONES from early days.  Is there anyone out there who might have some ideas regarding this? 

The following are the references explored:

1)  Index of Ancient Petitions.  Generally before Edward III (1327 - 1377)
2)  Calender of Close Rolls: AD 1381 - 1499
3)  Calendars of the Close Rolls: From the reign of Edward I - to Edward IV (1272 - 1483)
4)  List of Early Chancery Proceedings, Vol. IV, for dates 1500 - 1515.
5)  List of Early Chancery Proceedings, Vol. V, 1515 - 1529.
6)  List of Early Chancery 1530 - 1538
7)  List of Early Chancery Proceedings, Vol. VIII, 1538 - 1544.
8)  List of Early Chancery Proceedings, Vol. IX, 1544 - 1553.
9)  List of Early Chancery Proceedings, Vol. X , 1553 - 1558.
10)Index of Chancery Proceedings (Series II), Vol. I, 1558 - 1579.
11)Index of Chancery Proceedings ,...for years 1579 - 1600..given as Vol. XXIV
12)Proceedings in the Court of Requests, Vol. 4, James I (1603 - 1625)
13)Index of Chancery Proceedings (Series II), Vol. III, 1621 - 1660
14)Public Record Office, London: Chancery Proceedings, Bridge's Division, 1613 - 1714, Vol. IV.

If anyone has found the JONES surname in these counties before 1714, please post.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014


In the heart of Albion is Warwickshire.  Being in the center of things it had its share of the tough-of-war that has occupied the span of history. 

The first JONES surname belongs to the Philip Jones family starting 1312.  These records are found outside the legal records which are being used to document the surname JONES.  In these legal records, Edward Jones [bundle 1016/no.50-54] is involved in a suit by a Henry Fenton (a smith) for caring for a gelding left to heal after a hurt foot.  These records are dated 1538 - 1544.  It would seem that Edward Jones was yet to pay the bill.

A discussion of the Philip Jones family can be found in the post dated Monday, February 11, 2013.  These records are found in Gregory family of Stivichall [Catalogue Ref. DR10].  These records reveal that Philip Jones was the son of a William Jones.  The location of this William Jones is uncertain, but it may be Warwick.  It is interesting to me that in the heart of the Island a cluster of those with JONES surname begins.

Saturday, June 14, 2014


The northern counties of England seemed to have less of those with the JONES surname during this period of study. [1066 - 1700]  Lancaster County produced only one record, and that record not occurring until 1640. [Bundle 407/ No. 84 ]  It was Edmund Jones.

The case had to do with the personal estate of William Blomely, Manchester.   The plaintiff  was John Leighe, and the dates would be between 1640 - 1642.  No other legal cases involving the JONES surname was found before these dates.   Anyone out there who has additional information, please post.

Friday, May 16, 2014


The Court of Request Proceedings, Vol. I represents the period from 1485 - 1603.  The names are arranged alphabetically in the index which also uses the Roman numeral system for the records of bundles and numbers.  These records are also transferred to the numbering system using the dates of the monarchs.  Our John Jones of Stafford is found in bundle 1-13 representing the reigns of Henry VII - Henry VIII, 1485 - 1547.

The first Jones surname for this county is found in bundle iv (4), No. 55.  It is John Jones.  Another John, who would have guessed. 

Tuesday, April 29, 2014


The first of the JONES surname in Worcester was John Jones of Birmingham. [Bundle 326/No. 60]

The date of the case is 1504 - 1515, and the plaintiff is listed as Braudon Nicholas of Shelden, "yeoman".  The reason listed is land called "Over Swyfte Nether Swyfes in Yardley".   The land is to be leased by "complainant to defendant".  Anyone have information about "Over Swyfte"? 

The border counties of England and Wales disclose the earliest dates of the JONES surname.  To me, this again shows the impact of the English legal system upon those from Wales who had already tried to assimilate into the laws and procedures of English rule.  Any other thoughts or interpretations, please post...:-).

Monday, April 7, 2014


To date, more than 36,000 page views have been recorded on "The Jones Surname" blog spot.  This would just be a fraction of the folks that carry this surname!   Anyway, a new blog called "Networking Jones Genealogy" has been developed, just to help those who have an interest in sharing their expertise in this world of genealogy. 

The blog is organized around key "themes" that have been important in my own 50+ years of tree climbing.  The subjects are presented so that the individual who shares interest in this topic can identify themselves to the readers of the blog.  Hopefully this will offer a chance to connect (network) with others who have the same interest.  It is intended to be on the JONES surname, but I suspect there will be others who can share in the adventures along the way.

The "themes" are broad and general at first, and will represent key areas of research.  As the blog develops, the subjects will become more specific.  To begin, the broad themes are: 1) geography (g.), 2) chronology (ch.), 3) DNA (d.), 4) key variables (k.), 5) individual researchers (i.), 6) resources (r.), and 5) coat of arms (a.).  Each post may contain a number of these themes, and they will be coded with the abbreviations outlined above.  The reader can then place a comment with each post, if they share this interest. 

The blog is found at  ...check it out, and please comment if your share this terminal illness.