Tuesday, October 9, 2018

UFN : Addison Jones

A name not remember among my own tree climbing among the JONES surname branches.  It appears only two time as discovered by Caroline Cunningham.  First is found 1843 tax list of Person County, NC.  He is listed as "1 white poll".  The second is found in Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, Vol. III, No.1 (July 1899) p. 85.  He is listed as the son of Sidney Rodes and Powhatan Jones.  It would appear old Addison took his mother's surname, although it is not clear which is father/mother?  At any rate, Addison is stated to have gone to Texas.

Caroline Cunningham: Vol.IV (not numbered), and Vol. III, p.4.

Sunday, September 30, 2018

UFN : Aden Jones

In the year 1796, the House of Commons for the NC General Assembly, records that from Carteret Co., an Aden Jones was present.  Not sure that I have seen this as a first name before, but here it is.  There is an "Adin" named in the Bible, and this may be a spelling used in this case?  Anyway, has anyone seen this as a first name? [from Historical Sketches of North Carolina, Vol. II, p. 76.]

This name is listed by Caroline Cunningham, Vol. III, p.4.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

UFN : Abridgeton/ Albridgton Jones

Most likely another surname brought forward to be a first name is Abridgeton.  There does not seem to be a geographic location in England or Wales that takes this name?  It occurs 2 September 1746, in Granville County, NC.  It records that a John Wade of Granville County (moving) to Abridgeton Jones Isle of Wight County, VA.  A total of 640 acres are ordered to be registered September 1746.  [Greenville County, NC Deed Book A, 1746 - 1751, p. 2]  In the Wake County, NC Marriages on the 2 March 1785 Albridgton Jones marries Elizabeth Jarvis Cada Barts.  There is also a will of Albridgton Jones 1787 in Warren County, NC whose wife is given as Mary. 

The name also appears among the Virginia Troops in their Continental Line as Lt. Abrideton Jones. [Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, Vol. II, No. 3 (January 1895) p. 243.] His military record is given as BLWt. 359-200 and in 1807 he is listed as a resident of Southampton Co., VA. [Index of Revolutionary War Pension Applications, p. 610 ]  In the Southampton Co., VA Marriages: on 22 December 1784 (Maj.) Albridgton Jones marries Fanny Calvery (daughter of Christopher Calvert).  On the 27 February 1795 (Col.) Albridgton Jones marries Polly Calvert. [sisters ?]

Name given in Caroline Cunningham, Vol. IV, p. unnumbered but in alphabetical order.  Spelled as Albridgton is found Vol. I, p. 3.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

UFN : Abishai Jones

The Bible wins again as the source of this unusual first name.  The name presents itself initially in the  book of  I Samuel, and occurs a fair number of times associated with the life of David.  Used as a first name with the surname JONES it appears in Northumberland County, Virginia Births, 1661 - 1810.  It is recorded that on the 20th February 1772 that "Abishai Jones the son of Winnefrit Hudson A Bastard son was Born".  An interesting account with the mother's maiden name given as Hudson, and the child born is recorded with the surname JONES.  The father of the child is not listed.  According to Meade, in the year 1776, Mr. John Leland and the Rev. Benjamin Sebastion were ministers in the county.  Perhaps, it was one of these fellows who selected the name.

Caroline Cunningham, Vol. III, p. 2.

Old Churches, Ministers and Families of Virginia, by Bishop William Meade, Vol. II, p.132.  This two volume reference was first published in 1857.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

UFN : Abington Jones

Often a family surname is taken as a first name.  This is usually from the maternal side of the family tree.  In this case, most likely, the name comes from the geographic location from which this family originated.   The name "Abington Jones" appears in the Southampton County, Virginia marriages.  On the 19th of February 1770, Abington was married to Mary Simmon "widow".

The parish Abington is given in "A Topographical Dictionary of England" by Samuel Lewis, p. 5.  It was located in the county of Northampton.  There was also a "Abington in the Clay", "Abington (GREAT)", and "Abington (LITTLE).  These were all parishes in the county of Cambridge. [Lewis p. 6.]  This would certainly give the genealogist a possible lead to the origins of this name.  Unusual   first names as maternal family surnames...interesting.

Caroline Cunningham, Vol. I, p. 1.

Monday, August 27, 2018

UFN : Abijah Jones

Another name from the Bible is Abijah.  (a-bi-jah)  Interestingly, this name appears more frequently among the books and chapters with some 21 references.  Caroline Cunningham's work gives only one.  His name appears in the deeds of Surry County, NC, 1806.  Here on April 18,  Abijah Jones deeds to Mark Shelton 100 acres on both sides of Millers Creek.  Hum...Shelton, Miller, and Jones connected in some way, all of Surry County, NC, 1806.  These folks must have known how to read, have a Bible to search around for a first name, and some reason to select a name from the Bible.  Perhaps a religious group of folks lived here?  Anyone with additional information please comment.

Caroline Cunningham, Vol. IV, p. 8.          

  [For those who might be interested Abijah first appears in I Kings 14:1]

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

UFN : Ab(b)igail Jones

Found spelled with a single "b" or two "b", the name Abigail is the next unusual first name.  It is again taken from the Bible. [The story can be found starting I Samuel 25 verse 9, and the name appears verse 14.]  The name seems to mean "joy".

Caroline Cunningham Collection gives only three folks given this name.  The first Abigail is recorded in the 1755 Tax List of Granville County, NC. [Vol. I, p.1]  This appears to be the same individual found in the 1763 Marriages of Granville County, NC.  Here she marries Thomas Cook, 10 August, and she is listed as "widow". [Vol. II, p.1 and Vol. IV,  pages not numbered but arranged alphabetically.]

The second spelled with two "b" is recorded in the 1790 Census, 96 District, Edgefield County, SC.  She must be the head of household since she is listed with 2 males under 16, and 5 females.  Hum...seven kids...which means she would have to be married for roughly 14 years. [Vol. III, p.1]

The third Abigail is found in the Charlotte County, Virginia Marriages where on 12 June 1794 she marries Charles Tate.  Her maiden name is Jones. [Vol. II, p. 1]