Friday, August 19, 2016

Other Surnames

As one seeks to climb out their JONES surname family tree, it quickly becomes evident that this is not going to be a easy task.  Nowadays, many folks have turned to that DNA stuff that is supposed to clarify all that JONES surname confusion.  In some cases it certainly helps, but in many others it adds another layer of brick walls.  Very often, one finds that those with other surnames are a closer Y-DNA match than all those other JONES.  Say what!

The following table gives a list of surnames that have matched to those seeking their Y-DNA.  This is for the R1b1a2  haplogroup which is my personal Y-chromosome marker. [male descent]  Roughly 75 % of us with JONES surname carry the R1b haplogroup marker, and one would expect that your Y-DNA would match other JONES.   For my personal Y-chromosome these other surname folks share this same match.

"Phonetic not genetic" I have come to recognize.  A product of languages through the pages of history.  Scroll back to the beginning of this blog to read the story.  For those who might like more on the JONES surname DNA, go to .  Say hello to these folks with other surnames that may actually be closer to your JONES family Y-DNA then those other JONES.

The posts discussing this can be found "Phonetic not Genetic"; Monday, June 6, 2011 and "Genetic Bowel of Spaghtti"; Friday, June 20, 2011.