Friday, August 9, 2013


There is some discussion as to the origin of the name Brecon.  One belief is that a Welsh chieftain named Brychan, who came from Ireland, name the area.  The term wg, or og , was used to signify a region, or county.  Thus Brychein-wg became the country of Brychan.

Roger Jones is the first of this surname to be found in the legal records.

His case is dated 1547 - 1551 [Bundle 1238/ No. 45-46 ].  It deals with the "messuage" in Llywel (Thwewell).  Interestingly, it list Roger Jones as the son of Roger Evans who in the English is called Jones.   Here is clear documentation that Roger Evans [Ievan] had a son Roger Jones.  The case is against John Gefrey and Margaret verch [daughter] of Thomas ap Rosser who was the wife of John Gefrey.  Here the term "verch" is the Welsh word for daughter.

Say hello to Roger Jones who's father is Roger Evans.

The history of Brecon [Breconshire, Brecknock] can be found in Nicholas, Annals and Antiquities of The Counties and County Families of Wales, pp. 53 - 122.