Monday, February 11, 2013

The First JONES Family 1312

Matilda Jones was the first to carry the JONES surname in English records 1279 AD. [As discovered to date.]  I thought it would be of interest to present the first JONES family that I have been able to establish in the English records.  By this, I mean the first family to be recorded as "husband", "wife", "son", and "daughter".  His name was Philip Jones and his wife was named Edith.  They appear 20 August, 1312 in Warwickshire as husband and wife.  The documents of this family continue from 1312 to the 3rd of March 1389/90!  The following map shows the position of Warwickshire (home to Philip), in relationship to Huntingdonshire (home of Matilda).
In 1086 (Domesday account), Warwickshire consisted of two sections.  One being mostly isolated farms, and one being cultivated farms on open land.  The first "Earl of Warwick" was named from lands inherited here and his family was to play a large part in my own JONES family in Wales.

The documents of Philip and Edith Jones can be found in Gregory family of Stivichall, Warwickshire, Catalogue Ref. DR10.  In Documents of Title, Deeds and Papers, Kingshill in Stoneleigh, the name Philip Jones appears as witness among many others. (ref. DR10/1118)  Over the next 40 years, Philip Jones had certain "tenements" by 1320.  The records show that Philip had a son and daughter, brother, sister-in-law, and father.  On 10 December 1352, Philip is described as "son of" William Jones. 

The land of Philip Jones (has tenements on both sides) is joined by the lands of "Thomas de Thorndon".   The Thornton family becomes connected to my Jones family for generations to come!

Well say hello to Philip and Edith Jones.  The first JONES family to find the light of English records.

[A detailed account and analysis of this JONES family is contained in my research notebook #21.]

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