Monday, March 17, 2014


The suburbs of Bristol have a lot to do with the first to record the surname JONES.  It is for Gloucester County of course, its location shown below.

It was 25 June, 1441 (Henry VI) that a Thomas White, the heir of Bernard White "burgess of Bristol" had to settle the estate.  It is listed as "settlements of Thomas White, from John Godarde".  It had to do with lands in the town of Bristol.  The settlement involved the following: 1) Thomas Younge, 2) John Bailly, 3) John Morgan, 4) John Benet, and 5) Robert Jones.  A lot Welsh surnames involved here.  These folks must have been involved in some kind of agreement which the White family needed to settle.  Many of these surnames [White, Younge, Morgan, and Bennett (Benet)] were involved in my own JONES family.  What a deal!