Friday, October 19, 2012

Jones Surname Tree Climbing

Researching the JONES surname can involve climbing out many different branches.  There may be all sorts of obstacles, difficulties, and many brick walls.  Many genealogist give up the hunt after a few generations that lead to many John Jones(es).  My own tree climbing has involved a great deal of topics and subjects that have taught me much about my own JONES family and their travels along this tree of life.  The figure below shows my "Genealogy Tree House" as I have come to imagine it.  You are welcome to share the branches and sit in the shade. 

The major topics that can used to help in your own JONES tree climbing are shown among the branches.  Each topic shown can be taken to a "blogspot" that gives additional helps and information regarding the JONES surname.  From "Welsh Genealogy" to "DNA" are discussed in the various blog sites.  How to get around brick walls can be found among the branches.  You can find these blog sites by typing in "The Jones Genealogist" (including quotation marks) on your web search browser.  I hope you can find them helpful in your own JONES tree climbing.