Monday, November 18, 2013

First JONES Surname In Wales By County

The following table summarizes the last series of posts discussing the first to have the JONES surname in Welsh counties between 1500 - 1560.  It puts together (by date) those who first appear in the English legal records of the day.  The name of the Welsh county is given first, followed by the year that a individual with the surname JONES appears in that county.  This is followed by the name of the individual as recorded in the legal records.   The date of the post which discusses this county, and gives the documentation of each individual presented is shown. 

Anglesey is the only Welsh county during this period that did not have an individual appear with the JONES surname.  Glamorgan is only Welsh county to have a JONES surname appear before the Act of Union 1536.  There are a variety of first names with only "William" occurring twice.  This figure will provide at least a starting date and location for the genealogist seeking the origin of the JONES surname in Wales.