Saturday, May 25, 2013


It was during the year of the conquest of England [1066] that a fellow named Roger de Montgomgery was created Earl of Shrewsbury and Arundel.  It was in the French, English, and Latin languages that this area became know by his name, Montgomery.  It was of course still part of the ancient Welsh Powys, but you know, to the victors go the history books.

The first JONES I could find was Lewis Jones. 

In Nicholas, p. 812, he is listed as "Lewis Jones, Esq. [ or ap John, son of John = John's ]  Nicholas goes on to state "Of him little is known."  He seems to have had some Tudor connections for he is found as "High Sheriff " 1542, 1545, and again in 1558.

The English legal records list a "Richard Joones" [1547-1551] dealing with land in Llanfechan at the bequest of Griffith Jones. [Bundle 1238/ no. 56-60 ].  During this transition period the Norman spelling "Jevan"
is frequently used as in "Edward ap Jevan" and "David ap Jevan".  It would seem that the spelling "Jones" was established consistently by 1558.