Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The National Archives

Rummaging around my stack of references, the following was found among the shelves. 

Well worn and frequently check, it was first published in 1964.  Guides are always helpful, and this source outlines the various records held in The National Archives felt to be of interest to the genealogist.  Thought it might still be helpful to outline these materials as contained in this guide.

The following materials are given in outline form:
      I.    Population and mortality census schedule...for yrs. 1790 - 1890.
      II.   Passenger arrival lists...for cities- Baltimore, Boston, Mobile, New Bedford,
                 New Orleans, New York, and Philadelphia
      III.   United State military records from Revolutionary War
      IV.   United States naval and marine records
      V.    Records of veterans' benefits
      VI.  Records concerning the Confederate States of America
      VII. Land-entry records for the public-land States
      VIII.Other records of genealogical value...including Lists relating to Indian removal.

Wow...lots of stuff here.  I am sure there must be a more up to date publication.  Will next try to list those references involving the JONES surname in the next series of posts.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Q & A

With a surname like JONES, the genealogical questions are many.  Who, what, when, where, and why are a few good ones to start.  Anyway, after many years of tree climbing, I have asked a few questions along the way. [ See blog: http://thebrickwallprotocol.blogspot.com ]  Thoughts are that there may be those still tree climbing who might have a few questions of their own. 

This post seeks to offer any support that this old tree climber might still have floating around the cobwebs.  The "comment" section offers a place where a question can be ask.  Then anyone can place their suggestions [or answers] to the question one comment at a time.  If any thoughts come my way, I will try to answer each question.  I thought it might be of interest to those who have been reading the blogs over the last six or so years.  This "Q & A" post might lead to some interesting questions...and answers!  Any tree climbers facing questions out there?  Fire away.