Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Number Two Jones

It took around 40 years after Matilda Jones placed her name in the English records of the day[1273], before the second JONES surname appears.[1312] Philip Jones is recorded to be at Kingshill in Stoneleigh, Warwickshire. The documentation is found in the UK Archives, Shakespeare Birthplace Trust Records Office under "Gregory of Stivichall" [DR10/971-DR10/1410]. In Catalogue Reference DR10, ref. DR10/1118, Philip Jones signs as a witness to a deed recorded at Kingshill in Stoneleigh 10 August 1312. He continues to resided in Warwickshire at least through 3 March 1389/90, where a brother Richard Jones is also listed. On several occasions he is listed as "of Hull(e)". In 1336, his wife is listed as Edith, and in 1352 he is recorded as being the son of a William Jones. On the 25 January 1344/45 a daughter Isolda is listed. Wow, a whole family of JONESES! These documents were created by the Gregory family of Stivichall, Warwickshire. They are listed as "Documents of Title, Deeds and Papers, Warwickshire, Kingshill in Stoneleigh", Catalogue Ref. DR10. Jones number two is a family.

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