Wednesday, September 21, 2011

First Jones to Cambridge 1531

Two hundred and fifteen individuals with the surname JONES are recorded in the "Alumni Cantabrigienses" from the earliest times to 1751. The first to attend was Gawen Jones, in 1531-32. His record is given as:

"Jones, Gawen (appears also as Gawen). B.D. 1531-2. A friar." [p.485]

I would guess that the surname was somewhat uncertain, since it states "appears also as Gawen" which implies the surname, not the first name, since the spelling is exactly the same. "B.D.", I believe is an abbreviation for "bachelor of divinity" but if someone knows for sure please comment.

The reference for the above is titled:

"Alumni Cantabrigienses : A Biographical List of All Known Students, Graduates and Holders of Office At The University of Cambridge, From The Earliest Times To 1900." Compiled by, John Venn and J.A. Venn, Cambridge, at the University Press, 1922.

Say hello to Gawen Jones, a friar.

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