Friday, December 30, 2011

First JONES to Lincoln's Inn 1557

According to Bellot, the earliest description of the legal institutions which were to become the "Inns of Court" was written by the Governor of Lincoln's Inn in 1425. He list four Inns of Court, and ten Inns of Chancery. Lincoln's Inn is listed with Thavie's or Davy's Inn and Furnival's Inn being attached. The Lincoln's Inn Admission Register begins 1420, but it was not until 1557 that the first admission with the JONES surname occurs. On 13 March 1556/1557, a David Jones is admitted. [folio 315, p.64] No other information is given. It is not until 5 January, 1571-1572 that the second JONES appears, being Walter Jones of "Oxon.". [Assumed to be Oxford.] A Walter Jones [Jhones] did attend Oxford 15 November 1570, and is identified as "possibly a student of Lincoln's Inn 1572. [Alumi Oronienses 1500-1714, p. 831, by Foster.]

Zachary Jones (1580), Gilbert Jones (1582), William Jones (1587), Edward Jones (1589), William Jones (1595), Henry Jones (1599), and Thomas Jones (1599) all appear before the turn of the next century. A few JONES here, and a few JONES there.

Lincoln's Inn Admission Register 1420 -1893, found special collections, University of Alabama, Law School, DA 687.L7 L7, 1896, v.1.

Bellot, H.L., The Temple, Methuen & Co., London, 1914. [Discussion found pp.14-15.]

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