Monday, May 14, 2012

Rev. War Pension Applications For JONES (part II)

A total of 460 Jones surnames were listed in the index of Revolutionary War Pension Applications.  Four hundred and fifty six (456) provided enough information to be included in this study. [99%]  Over all, 219 of the pension applicants migrated from the state that they had enlisted. [48%]  Thus, 52 % of the pension applicants remained in the state from which they had enlisted.  The applicants were organized by the state from which they enlisted.  Regional geography was used to classify the "northern" states, compared to the "southern" states.  They were then listed by highest migration rates (ratios) to the lowest.

The figure to the right shows the migration ratios for the northern regions.  Two hundred thirty three applicants were from the northern states outlined. [51% of the total]  Of these, 113 left their state to move to another state. [48%]  Only 6 of the 113 [5%] left a northern state to migrate to a southern state.  This would suggest that those who moved from their original state, chose to stay in the northern regions.  Very few migrated from the north to the south following the Revolutionary War.

Massachusetts had the highest number of JONES (77), followed by Connecticut (61), New York (34), and Pennsylvania (26).  It would seem that the folks in New York wanted to stay in New York.

The "south" is yet to come.

This study is taken from The Jones Genealogist, Vol.VIII, No.4, Nov/Dec, 1996, p. 1-7.  The data set is located in The Jones Genealogist, research notebook, #67.

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