Thursday, August 9, 2012

JONES In The Middle 1547-1553

The middle counties of Wales became the next area of JONES surname 1547-1553.  The counties are shown in green above, Radnor being 1st, with William Jones [14/96].  Brecon was 2nd, with Roger Jones [1238/45-46].  Merioneth was 3rd, with William Jones [1238/50].  Montgomery Co. was 4th, with Richard Joones [1238/56-60]  This is based on the record numbers shown following each name, which is assumed to be recorded in chronological sequence in the legal records.   Thus, the south's influence seems to be the direction of the appearance of English influence in the legal system of Wales as it followed the Act of Union, 1536.   On, and on, it would go...more to come.  See the prior post which describes the blue, pink, and orange counties as shown on the map above.

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