Friday, November 2, 2012

The Jones Surname Museum

A museum dedicated to a single surname...the surname JONES.  Who would have guessed that some 12 years ago an idea floating around in ones head would become the only one in the world.  As far as I have been able to determine, it is the only museum that gives the history, origin, and details about a single surname,  the JONES surname. [Please let me know if anyone has information otherwise.]

The picture below shows one segment of the museum as it tells the story of the JONES surname beginning with Roman Britain 40 BC.  Can you believe it?  Beginning with the first writers  who recorded facts about the tribal groups which occupied the land that was to become the home of my JONES DNA, the story is told.   The story continues through 12 panels that give a chronology as follows:

  Roman Britain 40 BC - 400 AD
  The "Britons" 400 AD - 600 AD
  Early Wales 600 AD - 800 AD
  Wales of the Princes 800 AD - 1000 AD
  Age of Conquest 1000 AD - 1100 AD
  Age of the Marches 1100 AD - 1200 AD
  Age of Annexation 1200 AD - 1300 AD
  Age of Towns, Trade, Taxes, and Tragedy 1300 AD - 1400 AD
  The Final Rebellion 1400 AD - 1500 AD
  Act of Union 1500 AD - 1600 AD
  The final Twist
  House of Tudor Trevor 850 AD to present
The museum is located at The Golden Lion Bed & Breakfast, Danville, KY.  It is open to the public most afternoons if arrangements are made by phone 859-583-1895.  Come and walk through the history of the JONES surname. 

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