Thursday, February 6, 2014

Shropshire (Salop)

The Cornavii and Ordovices were the first "Celtic" folks to occupy the land that was to become Shropshire.  It was held by these Britains as part of the "Kingdom of Powys", where the chief town (capital) was called "Pengwerne".  However, it was the Anglo-Saxons who provided the name "Scrobbes - Byrig - Scyre" [ the shire of "Scrobbes-Byrig"].

The first of the Jones surname was Roger Jones, 1551 - 1553. [Bundle 1304/ No. 58]  He is listed as "of Edmonton, baker ".  The case was regarding "gavel kind" (all sons inheriting equal parts) for land in the township of Llynglyses.  This land was "late of  John ap Roger, dec'd. father of complaintant".  The suit was against "William ap David ap Jevan" and "Richard ap David ap Jevan".  This case shows the overlap of the formation of the Welsh system of naming, and the English system of surnames.  I suspect that Roger Jones' Welsh name was Roger ap John ap Roger.

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