Monday, April 7, 2014


To date, more than 36,000 page views have been recorded on "The Jones Surname" blog spot.  This would just be a fraction of the folks that carry this surname!   Anyway, a new blog called "Networking Jones Genealogy" has been developed, just to help those who have an interest in sharing their expertise in this world of genealogy. 

The blog is organized around key "themes" that have been important in my own 50+ years of tree climbing.  The subjects are presented so that the individual who shares interest in this topic can identify themselves to the readers of the blog.  Hopefully this will offer a chance to connect (network) with others who have the same interest.  It is intended to be on the JONES surname, but I suspect there will be others who can share in the adventures along the way.

The "themes" are broad and general at first, and will represent key areas of research.  As the blog develops, the subjects will become more specific.  To begin, the broad themes are: 1) geography (g.), 2) chronology (ch.), 3) DNA (d.), 4) key variables (k.), 5) individual researchers (i.), 6) resources (r.), and 5) coat of arms (a.).  Each post may contain a number of these themes, and they will be coded with the abbreviations outlined above.  The reader can then place a comment with each post, if they share this interest. 

The blog is found at  ...check it out, and please comment if your share this terminal illness.

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