Wednesday, July 9, 2014


In the heart of Albion is Warwickshire.  Being in the center of things it had its share of the tough-of-war that has occupied the span of history. 

The first JONES surname belongs to the Philip Jones family starting 1312.  These records are found outside the legal records which are being used to document the surname JONES.  In these legal records, Edward Jones [bundle 1016/no.50-54] is involved in a suit by a Henry Fenton (a smith) for caring for a gelding left to heal after a hurt foot.  These records are dated 1538 - 1544.  It would seem that Edward Jones was yet to pay the bill.

A discussion of the Philip Jones family can be found in the post dated Monday, February 11, 2013.  These records are found in Gregory family of Stivichall [Catalogue Ref. DR10].  These records reveal that Philip Jones was the son of a William Jones.  The location of this William Jones is uncertain, but it may be Warwick.  It is interesting to me that in the heart of the Island a cluster of those with JONES surname begins.

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