Thursday, March 26, 2015


Britannia Prima the Romans named this part of  Albion.  It is the site where the Anglo-Saxons are reported to have landed in 477 AD.  At any rate, the first Jones to be recorded is "Frances Jones",
1558 - 1603. [bundle 148/no. 24]

No additional information was recorded in the index used to analyze the Jones surname.

I thought it might be helpful to review the source of this documentation for the readers.  Each post gives the identity of the record as it is listed in "Lists and Indexes" of the Chancery Proceedings, Public Record Office.  One cover sheet is shown below.

The index contains various amounts of information listed in categories: 1) "No." [where the numbers shown with each post- "bundle/no." is derived, 2) "Plaintiff" [the name or names are usually given], 3) "Defendant" [name or names usually given], 4) "Place of Subject" [not always listed or included], and 5) "County" [location of suit recorded].  The records are grouped by the dates of the ruling monarch.  The example shown above is A.D. 1558 - 1579. [The start of Elizabeth I reign.]   Some of my research notes are shown that states there were approximately 6 bundles contained in the 20 years which would be roughly 3.3 years per bundle.  The bundle number refers to the actually group of records.  As you can see then, the record of Frances Jones is stored in bundle 148 and is the 24th record in this bundle.  It is for the years 1558 - 1603.  The numbers in the right upper corner are the library numbers where the indexes are kept. [University of Alabama]  Whew...enough already.

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