Monday, September 14, 2015


According to A Topographical Dictionary of England, by Samuel Lewis [Vol.II, p.483], Wiltshire derives its name from Wilton, which for a long period before the Norman invasion was the principle town.  It appears to have been a location of much warfare following the Norman rise to power.  Interestingly, the legal warfare of the JONES surname seems to occupy a number of cases.  [30 cases in my research]

John Jones, of Kyvele, was the first to break through the records [Bundle 1444/No. 80] for the years 1556 - 1558.  The case involves "...action on a bond for an award concerning land".   A John Pryor is the plaintiff.  The name "John Jones" continues through the next set of records 1558 - 1603.  Keevil, Norton, Nettleton, and  New Sarum, seem to be the location of many cases.  The JONES surname continues through 1707 when my searching stopped.  Any folks still around these areas?  Wiltshire seemed a busy place for the JONES surname.

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