Wednesday, December 2, 2015


Bounded on the north by the Bristol channel, and on the south by the English channel one hundred and thirty miles of sea coast line this county.  A maritime county it is with Plymouth being a historic center of colonial settlement.  The geographer Ptolemy named it Damnonium, and it has been named by the Cornish, Welsh, Anglo-Saxons, and others various names relating to it surface characteristics.

The first Jones is identified as "Joan Jones" being very early in the legal records [Bundle 7/ No. 158].  This would place the case fairly early in 1485, and be one of the few females to be involved in the legal actions of the day.  A George Jones of Plymouth appears after 1558 [Bundle 260/ No. 30] and would suggest "sea faring" activity.  Any Jones families out there connected.

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