Sunday, September 25, 2016

Jones Surname Occurrence by English Monarchs

The chronological appearance of the JONES surname 1485-1714 is shown in the figure below.  The table is organized by 1) the reigning Monarch, 2) the total years of their reign, 3) the number of those with the surname JONES appearing in the legal records of England [Public Records Office] during each reign, and 4) a ratio calculated for each Monarch =  # Jones/yrs. of reign.  An interesting table it is.

Starting with Henry VII [1st Welsh Y-chromosome to English Throne] produced a ration < 1 per year for his 24 years of reign.  Henry VIII brought the Act of Union 1536-1542 which almost tripled those involved in the legal records of his day.  From Edward VI to the end of the Tudor reign under Elizabeth I showed a fairly constant increase reaching its apex at roughly 9 cases per year during the long reign of Elizabeth.  Under the Stuarts [starting James I] the ratio continues from 4 cases to a high of almost 9 cases per year under William III.  It would seem that those with the JONES surname could not stay out of trouble.

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