Monday, June 26, 2017

L.O.C. for MA (2)

Recall that L.O.C. stands for Library of Congress, MA for Massachusetts, and (2) is the second post in the series for this state.  Let's continue:

"9397  JONES  Family record of the Jones family of Milford, Massachusetts, and Providence, Rhode Island, with its connections and descendants, together with the ancestry and family of Lorania Carrington Jones, wife of George F. Jones.  Collected, compiled and edited by George Farquhar Jones.  Philadelphia, 1884.  CS71.J76"

"9400  JONES  Col. John Jones of Dedham and his paternal ancestors in America.  By his grandson, Amos Perry...(Boston, 1890?)  CS71.J76"

"9402  JONES  Book of minutes of Col. John Jones of Dedham, Massachusetts; with explanatory notes by his grandson, Amos Perry, of Providence, Rhode Island... Boston, G.E. Littlefield; Providence, Preston & Rounds, 1894.  F74.N2J7"

"9407  JONES  Lewis Jones, of Roxbury and Watertown, Massachusetts, 1640-1684, and some of his descendants in the South.  By A.S. Salley, jr.  (In Southern history association,  Publication,  Washington, D.C., 1904, v. 8, p. (147)-156, (219)-232 )  F206.S73 vol. 8"

9409  JONES  Hugh Jones of Salem, Mass., and his descendants.  By Joseph Gardner Bartlett, Boston, New England historic genealogical society, 1908.  Reprinted from the New England historical and genealogical register vol. 61 and 62.  Register reprints series A. no. 21.  CS71.J76"

9414  JONES  Samuel Minot Jones; the story of an Amherst boy, by Charles S. Walker... Amherst, Mass., 1922.  (On verso of t.-p. ; The Jones library, incorporated, Amherst, Massachusetts.  Publication no. 1, September 1922)  "The Jones library"; p. 87-100.  Z733.A54W "

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