Thursday, October 5, 2017

L.O.C. for CT/NJ (5)

To continue Genealogies in The Library of Congress for the JONES surname:

"9404   JONES.   ...History and genealogy of the ancestors and descendants of Captain Israel Jones who removed from Enfield to Barkhamsted, Conn., in the year 1759.  Comp. for Hon. Asahel W. Jones by L.N. Parker.  (Norwalk, O. Laning co. ) 1902
                                                                                                                CS71.J76  1902"

"9433   JONES.   The path of destiny; a history of events which shaped the destinies of our forefathers and a genealogy of the descendants our (sic) Benjamin Jones of Connecticut and the Wyoming Valley, Pennsylvania.  By Howard Linden Jones.  (Orland ? Fla., 1953 ?)
                                                                                                               CS71.J76  1953"

"9427   JONES.  Ancestral lines, revised and enlarged.  Compiled, edited, typed, printed and published by Melvin E. Jones ... Trenton, N.J., Traver's book store, 1941.

                                                                                                               CS71.J76  1941"

The above reference is also given 9426 under  "Ancestral lines, revised and enlarged,  compiled, edited, typed printed and published by Melvin E. Jones ... Los Angeles, Calif., 1938."

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