Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Classification System

Having organized and analyzed the symbols and colors of the arms that are given for the JONES surname, it became evident that a classification system could be used. This classification system utilized the "primary charge" as the major item used to group the JONES families that shared this symbol. Then the shield's "colors" were broken down by their arrangement to produce a group that had shared this identity. The JONES family that shared this identity was tagged as a "HOUSE" [The Welsh used a term "plant".] The individual responsible for founding this family was added giving the title: "House of ............" , such as House of Trevor. This was work done more than twenty years ago, and published in The Jones Genealogist, Vol. VIII, No.3, Sept/Oct 1996. [I began this newsletter in 1989.]

The study results are shown in the flow chart to the right. The lion rampant was the first symbol to be analyzed. Those who founded a Welsh tribe with a JONES lineage, such as "Bleddyn ap Cynfyn", and "Tudor Trevor", are shown on the first page. Three JONES family lines come through Bleddyn ap Cynfyn!

The second page shows additional JONES lines as they were identified through the analysis. Multiple JONES family are found. At least 15 distinctive groups are found. [Just using the lion rampant!] From London to Ireland, these JONES families are shown.

This again demonstrates why the surname JONES is not always genetically related. However, this classification system can be used to identify the origins of many of the JONES surname families as they originated in Wales, England, and Ireland.

I called this "The Jones Classification System." Further analysis to come.

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