Wednesday, July 13, 2011

JONES "Coat(s) of Arms" [Part III] The Symbols

The article to the right is taken from The Jones Genealogist, which describes an analysis of the symbols used on the JONES coat(s) of arms. It begins by taking the 42 shields which share the common totem, lion rampant. It uses the "rules" of heraldry outlined in the last post to evaluate the colors [tinctures] recorded for each JONES coat of arms.

The outline begins by showing one JONES arms as it was recorded on page 548 of Burke. Each arms that had the symbol "lion rampant" was categorized by the method outlined in the article.

The bottom of the page shows the results by colors and metals. A "gold" lion made up 37%. This was followed by the "blue" (29%), "red" (12%), "black" and "green" (9% each), and lastly "silver" at 4%.

The shields were then analyzed by the base color or tincture of the shield. This gave 14 distinct shields, thus 14 distinct JONES families. This is just for the symbol, "lion rampant"! The post entitled: JONES "Coat(s) of Arms" [Part I], June 28, 2011, shows that there are multiple symbols (charges) used among the JONES families recorded in Burke.

The above outline demonstrates how the JONES arms can be grouped and analyzed by using established heraldic systems. Using this approach, the arms will be ultimately grouped into families sine the "rules" of heraldry allow only one arms to use exactly the same combination of charges, colors, and ordinaries. [Remember to click on the picture to enlarge the image. ]

More analysis to come.

The study is taken from The Jones Genealogist, Vol. VIII, No. 2, July/Aug, 1996, p. 6.

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