Friday, November 11, 2011

First JONES To Gray's Inn 1568

From the reign of Edward III, 1327-1377 AD, the "Inns of Court" have occupied a key position in the educational system of the English nation. Devoted to the technical study of English law, (rather than Roman law), which had become extensive and intricate. This system of law had its roots in the native or common law of the land.

The earliest "Manor House" of Gray's Inn was the London residence of the De Gray family. This family had strong ties with Wales, ever since Reginald de Grey was Justiciar of Chester around 1277 AD. Their legal interest lead many of the family to live and work here, ultimately forming the "Honourable Society of Gray's Inn."

The "Register of Admissions Gray's Inn, 1521-1889", by Joseph Foster, records the first to carry the JONES surname 1568. On page 37, this records that Thomas Jones (folio 574) and Owen Jones(folio 576) were registered. For my own JONES family interest, on the same page are recorded 1) George Lightfoot (folio 573) 1576, and Thomas Lucas (folio 574) 1567. The surnames Lightfoot and Lucas were to play an important part in my own JONES family history.

Way to go...Thomas and Owen...taking the surname JONES to Gray's Inn.

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