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The surname JONES has been busy in the settlement of the colonies since Elizabeth Joones arrived in the Patience, 1609. The gradual spread of the surname westward continued until the states became settled.

The following map shows the states that have a town (or county), that uses the surname JONES.
The data are taken from a U.S. atlas (index) in 1998, and might now have additional or deleted locations. Twenty (20) states have a town, city, or county named with the JONES surname. From just plain JONES (Alabama) to JONESBORO (Arkansas), to JONESVILLE (Louisiana), to JONESPORT (Maine), to JONES CREEK (Texas), the JONES family seemed to settle. The last westward location seems to be Colorado which was settled around 1859 when that gold was discovered.

The figure to the right outlines the states alphabetically that have a JONES... name. The estimated population in 1998 is given, showing that JONES (county) Mississippi leads in population, with just at 62,000 folks. JONESBORO Arkansas would be next with around 46,000. I am certain that these numbers have changed, but the general idea shows that a wide range of folks are numbered.

Does anyone have an update on the information shown? If you are aware of a JONES...town(s) that is not listed, please identify it. Leave the name and location in a comment to this post. If you live in one of these towns, cities, or counties, please given some history to your town. There must have been a JONES family that gave the name to your settlement.

The information was taken from The Jones Genealogist, Vol.X, no. 2, July/August, 1998.

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