Sunday, February 26, 2012

First JONES Kentucky 1774

Virginia surveys and grants were a large part of the early settlement of Kentucky. A book compiled by Joan E. Brookes-Smith published in 1976, outline the earliest land grants pertaining to the rewards in the form of land for service during the French and Indian War. A picture of the cover is shown to the right. [The original records for these surveys and grants are filed in the Secretary of State's office.]

On page 107 of this index is the earliest JONES to have registered a land grant in this new territory. Gabriel Jones is his name. On an unknown fork of the Elkhorn, June 25, 1774, he makes a survey date [original survey No. 8104.] It is shown to be "Military & Fincastle Co, [Virginia] for 2,000 acres.

Of course, the Revolutionary War stepped in between this land granting process, and it was not until July 7, 1788 that "Robert Jones & Heirs" [grantee], had the land grant completed. [Original Book, #6, pp. 624-625.]

Wow, the summer of 1774. What a deal.

From: Master Index Virginia Surveys and Grants 1774 - 1791, compiled by Joan E. Brookes-Smith, Kentucky Historical Society, Frankfort, KY. 1976.

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