Monday, March 5, 2012

JONES Surname London 1695

An index of the inhabitants (within the Walls) of London for the year 1695 was analyzed for the surname JONES. At this time, the "occupiers" of every house in each parish were noted including the householder, his wife and family, apprentices, servants and lodgers. This record was compiled between May and June 1695 for the purpose of a "surtax" on those who had real estate of the value 50 pounds per year or personal estate of the value of 600 pounds or upward. A publication by D.V. Glass, "London Inhabitants Within The Walls 1695", London Record Society, 1966, was used to organize and analyze the JONES surname. There were 97 parishes listed with parishes numbered 82-97 having missing records. Of the 81 parishes having records, 10 did not show anyone with the surname JONES. Thus, within the walls of London, 71 out of 81 or 88% had someone living with the surname JONES! A total of 376 individuals were recorded within these parishes. St. Dunstan-In-The-East had the largest numbers at 17 individuals. This was followed by St. Anne, Blackfriars [13 individuals], Allhallows Barking [11 individuals], and Christ Church [ 8 individuals] to make the top five parishes.

Of course the most common first name was JOHN (#32) for males, and MARY (#36) for females. For the males, this was followed by William (#19), Thomas (#15), Robert (#9), Richard (#8), and Edward (#7). James, Joseph, and David had 5 individuals each. For females it was Elizabeth (#31 - a close second to Mary), Anne (#12), Margaret (#11), Sarah (#10), and Katherine (#5).

Wow, those JONES got around! This index can be used as a census of London for 1695.

This research completed by The Jones Genealogist, 1980 - 1992, notebook 26, Joseph Wheeler Jones Memorial Library.

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