Thursday, April 5, 2012

Jones Surname in Virginia Company 1609

On the 23 May 1609, a grant was made entitled: "Treasurer and Company of Adventures, and Planters of the City of London, for the first Colony of Virginia." Robert, Earl of Salisbury headed the list followed by Thomas, Earl of Suffolk; Henry, Earl of Southampton; William, Earl of Pembroke; and Henry, Earl of Lincoln. This was followed by 28 pages of incorporation, naming Henry, Earl of Southampton to head the "Council for the Company", and Sir Thomas Smith, to be "Treasurer".

There were 721 individuals and companies listed as members of this incorporation. Numbering them 1 - 721 as they appeared in the listings gave a "big picture" of the interest in this new undertaking. Henry, Earl of Southampton #1 to Robert Chening, yeoman #721 was analyzed. Since lists and social status were important to those keeping these records, the numbers would suggest the "social" rank of the individuals being listed. A Zachary Jones was listed at #189, and a "John Jones, merchant" almost bring up the bottom at #706. [The name Zachary being an unusual first name for a JONES.] Anyone with any knowledge about these two JONES please post.

The research was taken from The Jones Genealogist, research notebook #27, Joseph Wheeler Jones Memorial Library.

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