Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Under Every Rock

Over the years (now 52 of them doing genealogy) I have seen a lot of libraries, archives, books, and looks. When I have told folks that I am researching the JONES surname, there is usually a look that says "Good luck with that!", or "Here is another one that will not get very far out the family tree". "Oh well, let me give it a shot"... I would often think.

Perhaps there are others who have reached a fork in their JONES genealogy tree climbing. How many rocks do I have to keep turning over? What am I looking for anyway? Enough of this!... on and on it might go. Sometimes it helps to take a break and go fishing, or what ever else it is that gives the spirit an "oh boy". Perhaps it is helpful to talk to another who has done some tree climbing of their own. At any rate, getting a hold of the beast from a different angle will often give a refreshing view of the genealogy world. Starting with what you know is the beginning to the branches further out the tree. Clearly defining the questions one is wishing to answer will help focus the search. Keep climbing and keep going in that JONES surname family tree. There is always another branch to step out... and another JONES under every rock!

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