Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Rev. War Pension Applications For JONES (part III)

The table to the right shows the migration ratios for the southern regions.  A total of 223 applicants were from the southern states.  Of these, 96 left their state of enlistment [1776-1781] to move to another state at the time of their pension application. [1832-1842]  Thus, 43% of the applicants moved to another area, leaving 57% to remain where they enlisted.

Folks seemed more likely to move out of NC (53%) as compared to GA at 20%.  On the whole, those who enlisted from the south, tended to remain in the south, although they had a change to migrate from their home state.  Only 15/223 (7%) moved from the south to the north.   They wanted to stay out of all that snow I guess.  At any rate, this again shows that folks who migrated, tended to stay in the area close to their state of enlistment.  This must have had to do with the travel arrangements of the time.

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