Monday, July 9, 2012

JONES Monmouth and Carnarvon 1538-1544

The JONES surname expands to Monmouth and Carnarvon beginning 1538.  Sampson Jones is the first to be recorded in the Carnarvon  legal records 1538-1544. [1016/49]  Now remember, these were English records being established in Welsh counties. 

A Hugh Jones appears in the same set of legal records [1016/59 ] for Monmouth 1538-1544.  This would be just after the Act of Union 1536, and probably represents the earliest application of this new English system to the Welsh.

The map above shows the location of Carnarvon in the north, and Monmouth in the south of Wales. [pink]  Monmouth being the adjacent county to Glamorgan [blue] which recorded the first JONES surname in Wales.  Interestingly, Carnarvon is the first county in the north to record a JONES surname.  This county was a strategic location to control the Welsh in north Wales.  Any other thoughts regarding this set of facts, please post.

From: Lists and Indexes, No. LI., List of Early Chancery Proceedings, Vol. III., Public Record Office.  The numbers [1016/59] records the file no., followed by folio (page) number of the case.  Research by The Jones Genealogist, and published in previous issues.

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