Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Researching the JONES Surname

Climbing trees since childhood, has led me out a few branches.  All along, there has been the need to record my findings, and keep track of the many, many discoveries that have come across my way.  A "leaf" collection so to speak.  Once discovered, there was the need to be able to find the information again, in order to help direct with further tree climbing.  At any rate, there were lots and lots of records, documents, discoveries, family information, and all kinds of other stuff that made the discovery exciting and insightful.

Researching the JONES surname has been fun.  Not only because it is my surname, but because most genealogist throw up their hands after a few generations and give up the search.  Brick walls come in all sizes and shapes, and for me the challenge of the "hunt" was part of the discovery.  Now after some 52 years of genealogy, I have a few notebooks full of information on the JONES surname. [And a few other subjects.]  A listing of the content/subject of each notebook is given on a new blog.

It is the purpose of the new blog, called "The Jones Genealogist Research Notebooks", to document the content of each notebook. []  It is intended to give the genealogist a chance to identify a topic which might be helpful in their own tree climbing.  All kinds of topics/subjects have been discovered which have been important to include in the genealogist notebook.  One can search the blog using the "search" mode located on the blog interface.  If a topic or content seems important, you can e-mail me at and I will try to communicate the content.   The notebooks are physically located at my personal library The Joseph Wheeler Jones Memorial Library, Danville, KY.   You are also welcome to come for a visit. 

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