Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Edward I continued to slice and dice the ancient comots of Wales under the Statute of Rhuddlan 1283.  The ancient region know as Tegaingl was to become Flintshire.  Ironically, the very town of Rhuddland is in this county where the very statue was signed in 1283.

The first JONES recorded in the English legal records was Edward Jones, 1544. [Bundle 1135/No. 30]
His suit was against  "Edward Puelston, esq., son and heir of Roger Puelston, knt."  Both these folks ended up being connected to my own JONES family tree.  Various geographic locations such as "Mastyn" [Mostyn], "Basingwerk"[ Basingwerk Abby], Pengwern, and Holywell were play a role in my JONES family history.  Several of these locations are shown in the figure below in the context of of northeast Wales.

The geographic relationships between Chester, Wrexham, Llangollen, and St.Asaph are shown.  It was in this area that my JONES family took its roots.

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