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Merion, who from Welsh ancestry, was of lineal descent from Cunedda. He is credited with saving north Wales from the Irish after the fall of Rome, thus giving his name to this ancient territorial designation.  Thus, "Meirionydd" was the district over which he ruled.

The first with the surname JONES recorded in the English legal records for this area was William Jones, 1547 - 1551. [Bundle 1238/ No. 50]  He his described as "an infant by Edward Pery his guardian".  In this record, the reasons for the suit had to do with "messuages" [land] in "Llandecwyn" which was owned by Humphrey Jones, "father of complainant".  Therefore, William Jones is listed by case in the records, but Humphrey Jones would have to be alive in the area before this time.  "John ap Evan ap Rice" and "Rice ap Jevan" were listed as "Plantiff(s)".  This again shows how the English records related to the surname JONES and the name John/Jevan.

 A map is shown of Merioneth, and its general geographic location in Wales.

 A detailed discussion of Merionethshire and its history can be found in Annals and Antiquities of The Counties and County Families of Wales, by Nicholas, Vol. II, pp. 649-714.

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