Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Next Generations

You will begin to see why a coding and color system will be most helpful as the family tree begins to expand outward. A new chart is shown to the right, giving the lineage from Gadforch(JA-1) , but starting at the 6th generation. In Welsh genealogy, six generations makes up the cenedl, and Gadforch(JA-1) would be considered the pencenedl.

Elystan Gloddydd(JF-6) begins the lineage of Royal Tribe IV, and his sons and grandsons are shown. (the pink side)

The senior line of Tudor Trevor is taken up by Llydocka(JD-2) when his older brother has only one female descendant Rhingor(JE-3). His lineage (the orange side) through Ednyfedd(JF-4) produces four sons, with the most noted son, Rhys sais(JG-4) giving rise to three sons who become in Welsh history "sons of Rhys sais". They are credited with taking on the family's honour by seeking revenge on those who killed Cynrig(JF-1) in 1073 A.D. [The term "sais" means one who can speak Anglo-Saxon[English] and has taken on the English ways to some degree.] I suspect that the three sons of Cynrig(JF-1) were still infants when the older 1st cousins took revenge. This would have been during the first Norman invasion to the families' land following 1066! The descendants of Rhys sais(JG-4) become major players in the history of the period. It is here, that one son Tudor(JH-6), is listed in Domesday Book 1086, as "Tudor Walensis" on contested land in Shropeshire.

The baby boy Dingad(JD-3), has his descent through Cynrig(JF-1) with three sons; David(JG-13), Ninnian(JG-1), and Ednyfed(JG-15). (the boys in blue) It is through Ninnian(JG-1) that my JONES family continues its descent.

The second figure to the right shown the descent of Ednyfed(JG-15), who also had a Tydyr(JH-9). Both the names Ednyfed and Tudor(Tydyr) are frequently used among the family. You can again see why a coding and color system will be helpful in keeping everyone straight! The line of Ednyfed(JG-15) is the root of the family Broughton.

You will notice that there is often marriage between the family branches. Here, the color coding is also helpful. In my JONES family, Jeuaf(JH-1) marries Efa(JH-18) bridging the pink side with the blue side.

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