Friday, February 4, 2011

Early Welsh Descendants

The earliest descendants of Tudor Trevor(JC-1) are given in the previous three posts. Three sons and a daughter begin this descent. Gronwy(JD-1), the eldest, has a daughter as sole heir, and this line begins the family of Elystan Glodrydd(JF-6) one of the Royal Tribes of Wales. The senior line then moves to the second son Llydocka(JD-2), who's daughter marries Ednowan Bendew(JE-8). This begins another Welsh tribal group which has frequent descendants. Llydocka's son Llywarch gam(JE-4) becomes the head of the senior branch, taking the arms of Tudor Trevor(JC-1). The baby son, Dingad(JD-3), has a son Rhiwallon(JE-1), who begins his family's descent taking a different arms for distinction from the senior branch. In Burke, p.884, this is given as: "Rywallon (Rywallow ap Dyngad ap Tudor-Trevor, Lord of Bromfield, co. Denbigh). Erm. a lion ramp. sa." The lion rampant was the principle charge(image)(symbol) for both, but the tinctures(colors) were different. This puzzled me for many years until I was able to get some understanding of the use of arms in this time period. At any rate, the son of Dingad(JD-3), Rhiwallon(JE-1), has a different arms recorded, and is used by some of the descendants of Rhiwallon(JE-1). At later dates, the arms of Tudor Trevor(JC-1) is claimed by some branches of Dingad(JD-3), thus generating some confusion among the lineages. In summary to this point, my direct JONES line from Gadforch(JA-1) is:

Tudor Trevor(JC-1)
Dingad(JD-3) [The boys color coded blue.]
Cynrig(JF-1), slain 1073 A.D.

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