Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Taking the surname JONES

My JONES family line continues through Edward(JN-1) just before the family adopts the surname JONES. The family begins to marry into English families with the appearance of the surname system Margaret Wylde(JN-2), Margaret Eyton(JO-2), Jane Almer(JP-2), Margaret Puleston(JQ-2), Margaret Trevor(JR-2), and Mary Sonlli(JR-181). It was the Act of Union, under Henry VIII, that did the final job on the Welsh naming system. Families from Wales were required to take on the English legal system, and began to take on the English surname. The majority of this transition occurred between the arrival of the Welsh Tudor line (Henry VII), and its end under Elizabeth I. In the legal records of England, there were only 7 JONES in Wales for the year 1538. By the year 1558, there were 115 JONES! [Much more to be given about this transition period.]

My own Welsh family takes the surname JONES during this transition period. John(JP-1) who married Jane Almer(JP-2) has at least two sons who take the surname JONES. Robert ap John of Llwyn-onn becomes Robert Jones(JQ-1), and Richard ap John becomes Richard Jones(JQ-95). This Richard Jones(JQ-95) is the line of descent for my JONES family. His son Thomas Jones(JR-180) is the father of Richard Jones(JS-165) who is the first to leave England to reside permanently in Virginia in 1648! Another line of JONES is through David(JP-3) who had a son John(JQ-3) of Plas Cadwgan, who had a son Edward ap John, becoming Edward Jones(JR-3). This lineage has a Edward Jones(JS-3) who gives his life involved in a plot called Babington's Plot, 1586! Much, much more to come.
So from Edward(JN-1) it would be:
Richard(JS-165) Virginia!
In the Welsh naming system this would be:
Richard ap Thomas ap Richard ap John ap Robert ap Edward!


  1. My goodness! You have so much info, and I have such trouble learning anything about my Jones' line, and am actually 'stuck' trying to learn who my great-great grandfather is! I enjoyed reading your post about the name!

  2. Hello Sherry...don't stay stuck. Brick walls are common when trying to uncover a Jones line. You might check my blog Ge-ne-al-o-gy 101 which gives some ideas on how a geneogram might help. The geneogram has given me some new ways of looking at my family tree. Let me know if I can help.

  3. I just found your blog via the "GeneaBloggers Daily". I have a Jones brickwall and it is very surprising since this was a famous Jones family. I'm surprised the records are so difficult to trace, and I'm more surprised no one else has tackled them before. I guess it is too easy to give up on a Jones, so it will be up to me to continue the hunt! I'm off now to read your earlier posts...

  4. Hello Heather, brickwalls and the Jones surname seem to go together at times. Please don't give up. What famous Jones family?

  5. Dear Jones Genealogist,

    I enjoy your blogs very much, have found them to be very interesting and useful. After many, many, many years I have succeeded in tracing my Jones line to a David Jones, who arrived in Virginia (Charles CIty)ca. 1622/23, appears to have been born England or Wales 1594. Just wondered if you might have run across this individual in your research.
    Happy Thanksgiving.


  6. Happy Thanksgiving to you Chris. I have run across this David Jones many times. He is actually a relative many generations back. His land was near that of Rice Hoe(I) in 1639, and Rice Hoe's grandson, {Rice Hoe (III) married. This marriage was witnessed by my Cadwallader Jones in the 1680s. Do not know the exact connection, but believe it to be in the family. What is your connection? Your Welcome! Jerry

  7. Hi

    Have you come across an Elizabeth Jones who married a Dafydd Ffoulkes, his dob 1651 dod 1691. We have his family tree but no information on Eliz. They lived at Plas Newydd, Cefn Meiriadog, Denbs and had eight children. Our line comes through a Tudyr Ffoulkes dob 1676 nr St Asaph. (Their third child. Regards Irene Smith (nee Ffoulkes)

  8. Hi Irene, do you know the family's position during the English Civil War? Dafydd Ffoulkes would have been born at a very difficult time for this section of Wales. There were JONES families on both sides of the fence. Many were driven out by the Committee on Compounding. Would make a big difference if Royalist or Roundhead. Jerry

    1. Hi I have no information on our family's connections during the English Civil War, apart from a John Ffoulkes being killed at a battle nr Chester. You obviously have connections with Plasnewydd, Cefn Meiradog which was our family seat. Can I ask once again was Elizabeth Jones the daughter of Richard Jones from Lanhychan, Denbighshire. The line we need to establish through Elizabeth's son Tudur Ffoukes is our direct line. Also is there a connection to the Babington Plot. Thanks Irene Smith (nee Ffoulkes)

  9. Hi Irene, The battle of Chester was fought 1645 and your family was from N. Wales, I suspect they were Royalist. [They would have been inside the walls of Chester 1645.] As you might imagine, there were multiple Richard Jones and many Elizabeth Jones. Have not tried to place connections to Ffoulke (sp. Foulk, Fouke, Fouk, and several other ways.)Earliest Fouk, Edward I, 1306. The name appears as both a surname and first name among many family groups including Jones families. Dwnn list "Richiard Ffolk" from Pembrokeshire area and seems the only family in Dwnn of this name. [Vol. p. 87] My Jones family has many connections to St. Asaph and Llanfair Dyffryn Clwyd (sp. various ways) but I have not climb out the Ffoulke branches. Babington's Plot was during Elizabeth I (1585/85) and have not seen the name Ffoulke in my own family research.