Monday, January 31, 2011

The Boys in Blue

Dingad(JD-3), the baby boy of Tudor Trevor(JC-1) is the line that my JONES surname descends. His linage is colored "blue" and is shown in the family tree which displays all the children of Tudor. As late as 1584, the land of Dingad(JD-3) is recorded. It is in the records of the Hanmer family of Pentrepant, Shropshire, that a field called "Eryn Dingad and the mountain there" is recorded. This land is near Selattyn-Porkington, which continues to be an area of my JONES family down through the generations. [Shropshire Archives:Catalogue Ref. 894 and 1144/ ref.1144/9- 23 November 1584.] Selattyn [frequently called Porkington] is a strategic location just about equal distance between the River Dee and the River Severn. It is in the middle of the small land bridge which allows access to the mountains. Head north and you gain access to the mouth of the Dee (trade to the north lands). Head south and you gain access to the mouth of the Severn, an access to the channel. Just a few miles away was the large hill fort "Old Oswestry" and the southern most anchor to the family's land.

The son of Dingad(JD-3), Rhiwallon(JE-1) receives a great deal of attention as "Lord of Bromfield". Bromfield is a latter name for the Welsh Maelor, which was family's land from Gadforch(JA-1). Rhiwallon's son Cynrig(JF-1), has his death date recorded in many of the early records [1073 A.D.] It is his death that leads to a lot of family retribution and conflict. Much more to come.

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