Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Children of Tudor Trevor

There were four children of record giving distinct lines from the life of Tudor Trevor. Gronwy (JD-1) was the oldest male, but daughtered out in the next generation.[This means that his line became a maternal line.] A daughter was Ardryn (JD-4). Tudor's second son was Llydocka (JD-2) who married Angharad (JD-6) and gave rise to a great number of future Welsh families. His baby boy was Dingad (JD-3) who married Sysli(Cicely)(JD-7) and gave rise to my JONES family. It was through this baby boy that my Y-DNA was passed.

The figure to the right is my drawing of the start of this family tree. Five generations are shown. At the top is Gadforch (Kadfarch)(JA-1). The numbers are the references to this individual in the records present in the last post. The number (1) is Dwnn, the number (2) is Nicholas, and the number (3) is Burke. Near each name on the family tree is the list of reference from which the family as been pieced together. Starting with the children of Tudor Trevor, a color code is used the help separate the children's descendents. Pink is Gronwy (JD-1). Yellow is Llydocka (JD-2). Blue is Dingad (JD-3). This color code will also be used to help keep straight the various family lines as they evole. This is only the beginning!

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