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The grandfather of Tudor Trevor is identified as being from Whittington. This would place Cadforch (the grandfather) at Whittington around 870 A.D. +/- twenty years. [This is using the 30 year generation calculated from previous genealogies under "Holding the Bag" Oct. 15, 2010.]

Whittington, a parish in the hundred of Oswestry, county of Salop, is located 3 miles (E.N.E.) from the town of Oswestry. A reference in "A Topographical Dictionary of England", by Samuel Lewis, [Vol.III-IV, p.461] refers to a document titled "Archaeologia". In this document it is reported that Whittington was named Drev Wen, or the White Town, by Llowarch Hen. [Llowarch Hen is believed to have been a British bard who flourished about the close of the sixth century, or around late 590 A.D. However, Meic Stephens places this name as "Canu Llywurch Hen" and states this represents a song (story) written down around the late ninth century. This reference is found in "The New Companion to the Literature of Wales", p.87.] At any rate, Whittington was clearly a settlement before the dates of Cadforch. A British chieftain (Condolanus)is reported to have been slain here in an attempt to expel some Irish invaders.

In the reference "Topographical Dictionary of England", it states:

"According to the bards, it was subsequently the property and chief residence of Tudor Trevor."

Thus, for at least three generations, Cadforch [spelled Gadforch, Kadfarch, Kadvarch) to Ynyr, to Tudor Trevor had settled Whittington.

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