Friday, January 28, 2011

The Pink Side of The Family

The following picture shows six generations of the family from Gadforch(JA-1) to the great-grandsons of Tudor Trevor(JC-1). They have been colored coded as well as coded using my JONES Family coding system. The first generation to be listed is coded "JA". The second generation is coded "JB", third "JC", fourth "JD", fifth "JE", and the sixth "JF". So, from now on, a letter of the alphabet will code for the generation from Gadforch(JA-1). Thus, "JZ-23" will be the 26th generation from Gadforch, and be the 23rd person coded in this generation. [I have had to code for more than 26 generations but we will get to that latter.]

The "pink" side of the family represents the linage of the oldest son of Tudor Trevor(JC-1), Gronwy(JD-). [Pink was the first marker I drew out of my stack, and all descendants through Gronwy(JD-) will be coded "pink".] Gronwy(JD-1) is recorded as having married Tangwyst(JD-5) with only one surviving daughter Rhingor(JE-3). This only daughter marries as here 2nd husband Cynelyn(JE-6) Their son Elystan Glodrydd(JF-6) is credited with being the founder of a "Royal Tribe of Wales", Tribe IV. IN Burke, p.lxii, the following is recorded:

"Ethelystan Glodrydd, Tributary Prince of Ferlys (the country between the Wye and the Severn), Founder of the IV. Royal Tribe. Quarterly, first and fourth, az three boars' heads cabossed sa.; second and third, per bend sinister, ermine and erminois, over all a lion ramp. or., which latter was the coat of his mother Rhingor, dau. and heir or Gronwy ap Tudor-Trevor, Lord of Whittington, co., Salop." In my JONES family coding system, Elystan Glodrydd is JF-6, and his mother is JE-3. This linage receives much attention in the Welsh genealogies. This branch of the family is discussed in great detail in a reference titled:

"Ireland, Wales, and England in The Eleventh Century", by K.L. Maund, which in the second chapter titled "The Eleventh-Century Rulers of Wales: Their Political and Genealogical Relationships", gives the original Welsh documents that Elystan Glodrydd(JF-6) is documented.

Thus, the eldest son of Tudor Trevor(JC-1) reaches out to the generations through his great-grandson Elystan Glodrydd(JF-6), the pink side of the family.

[note: You may need to click on the picture to enlarge it. This will help see the figures and drawing.]

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