Saturday, January 1, 2011

Associated Surnames

There are many associated family surnames being descendants of Tudor Trevor. This is a common occurrence among Welsh genealogy which often produces very different surnames, but are actually descended from a common ancestor. My JONES surname is descended through the youngest son of Tudor Trevor. Two other older brothers also had multiple descendants. The following surnames are given as an example of this phenomena. The references are taken from Dwnn:

Broughton - Dwnn, Vol. II, p. 315.

Lloid (Lloyd) - Dwnn, Vol. II, p. 23, p. 347, p. 362.

Moiston (Mostyn) - Dwnn, Vol.II, p. 307-309.

Trevor - Dwnn, Vol.II, p. 328-329, p.317-318.

Edwards - Dwnn, Vol.II, p. 327-328.

Dymock - Dwnn, Vol.II, p. 314.

Young - Dwnn, Vol.II, p. 315.

Pennant - Dwnn, Vol.II, p. 305.

Eytyn - Dwnn, Vol.II, p 358.

Eyton - Dwnn, Vol.II, p. 357-358.

Eton - Dwnn, Vol.II, p. 360, p. 362.

By marriage:

Hanmer - Dwnn, Vol.II, p. 311-312.

Pilson (Pulston) - Vol.II, p. 150-151.

Salsberi (Salesbury) - Vol.II, p. 330-332.

Wow, what a list of surnames. More to come!

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